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Aeolian Islands seem to be pebbles thrown into the sea from the tip of the boot. Long ago they were all active volcanoes and Stromboli is still active today. Salina, the greenest of the Aeolian Islands, takes its name from a little salt lake. During Roman times and Middle Ages salt was extracted from it, this salt was also used for the preservation of capers, which today are still exported around the world. Moreover, Salina Island is famous for the Malvasia wine, which is a delicious amber-colored dessert wine.


 Our building is placed in the City of Leni, and it gives onto Progresso Street and Pittorino Square. Thanks to its position at 150 meters above sea level, sea breeze refreshes the nights in the garden, keeping away the noise of the docking station in the Port of Rinella. Two little sand beaches are only 900 meters far from the house, walking along the path that cut the city, or 2,8 kilometers travelling along the panoramic provincial road by bus, car or scooter.

The statue of the grandfather of the owners’ house dominates the principal square of the town. He was the first medical officer of Salina and a big benefactor, who visited his patients in far districts travelling on mule-back or sailing.

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via del progresso n. 4 - 98050 Leni - Salina - Aeolian Island - Italy

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